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You may be asking yourself “With all the free stuff online, why would I want to join NaturalCures.com?”, which is a great question.

It may help to share the vision we had several years ago in order to help you out.

In 2013, it was clear the demand for Natural health information was at an all time high, but so were the number of websites offering information. There were some amazing sites that covered Homeopathy, Others that were brilliant for Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda. Each small niche of natural health was catered for, but the world was missing something. Something that no other website had.

A single place that brought every natural health discipline together and gave you not only their cures and solutions, but also sat alongside clinical studies and peer reviewed journals too.

Well I’m pleased to say that is what you will find here at Naturalcures.com

Some have called it the Wikipedia for natural health. Hundreds of remedies and processes that will show you how to heal yourself without drugs and surgery. We always recommend using a licensed health practitioner, the information you receive from this site is going to help you have better, more informed discussions with that practitioner, placing you in control.

Free versus paid

For years we only offered information if people subscribed to the site. This has changed so that lots of information is now available if you create a free member account. We do offer a modest subscription plan that really allows us to keep developing our offering including negotiating discounts on members behalf for organic and chemical free products, A new App in the making and building the largest database of licensed health practitioners in the world.

We have also launched a terrific crowdfunding campaign, which will see us turn the entire site free for everyone. You can check that out here

It’s a lofty goal, but with your help, we can make a real difference in the world.


This membership will unlock many sections of the site that include cutting edge information on natural health, reviews of products and much more, including:

  • Free Audiobook of Kevin Trudeau’s Best Selling Book, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About
  • Scores of articles spanning hundreds of areas of natural health
  • Recipes
  • Diet Advice
  • Cleanses you can do right now to feel better fast
  • Scrubs, masks, and other skin cleansing and healing options
  • Plus, much more

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This membership will unlock the full power of the site. You’ll discover thousands of articles, remedies, training materials, special reports, and more.

  • EVERYTHING included in the free membership
  • Free audiobook YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND! – Many have called this book “Life Changing.”
  • Thousands of articles, remedies, audios and videos to help you discover the full potential you possess to manage your health naturally
  • Search for natural care practitioners near you or even where you travel around the world to get cutting edge natural treatments now
  • Exclusive access to product reviews
  • Exclusive webinars, tele-training, audio and video training
  • Interviews with the top minds and thinkers in natural health today

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