The Beauty of Walking and Talking in Counselling

Walking by its very nature can be therapeutic.  Walking can slow down time, we can lose ourselves in the moment of simply putting one foot infront of the other.  Walking can allow us to observe Mother Nature, the birds, flowers, trees, water.  We can listen to the sounds around us and appreciate the here and now.  When applying walking to therapy, this can help to break down barriers in that you can walk side by side with a counsellor and as result feel less awkward and embarrassed.  If you are a shy or a quiet person then walking next to a counsellor can help take off the pressure of having to say anything.  Simply walking and being in the moment can be enough.  It also helps that you don’t have to look at the counsellor’s face.  Walking can provide any conversation with a point of focus, something you see or hear or notice.  It can help break down any barriers to communication.  I enjoy the walk and talk sessions that I provide at Rutland Water because Rutland Water is such a beautiful and inspiring location.  The boats, birds, sheep and landscape are simply amazing and it can be deeply satisfying and therapeutic to walk along and talk at leisure, in a relaxed moment and setting.


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