Run & Reflect

Being outside and surrounded by beautiful scenery, this can help us gain perspective on an issue that may be troubling us. By being mindful of how it is that we observe the nature around us, we can learn to apply the same skills to observing our own lives and significant experiences that happen to us. We can also practise slowing things down. Nature has its own pace, its own flow, and if we can learn to experience this then we can take this knowledge into our everyday lives. We can learn to relax and to de-stress. We can also practise breathing and connecting with nature, and in doing so, connecting with ourselves.

Walk and talk, and run and reflect sessions, are a way of having therapy outdoors. Walking and talking, or running and reflecting, is a more dynamic way of processing and exploring issues in our lives than sitting face to face with a counsellor. Walking or running side by side with the counsellor can make us feel less inhibited, and somehow walking and running can help us to view something in a new way. It is a creative process.

Given that so many people live in cities and urbanised areas these days, it is important to take time out from these environments and to go and connect with nature. The walk and talk and run and reflect sessions that I hold are based at Rutland Water, a beautiful reservoir in the heart of England, with stunning views. I hold run and reflect sessions based on your pace. The therapeutic aspects of running are huge. Come and join me.

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