What is Psychotherapy ?
Psychotherapy is there to support people to process things that they have experienced in their lives in order to help them to move on. There are many different schools of psychotherapy and so Connect-and-Reflect integrates many different approaches in order to provide a tailor-made service.

In terms of Walk and Talk and Run and Reflect, what happens if it rains ?
I have large golfing umbrellas that we can use and I would suggest that you wear clothes that are waterproof as much as possible. You can also bring a flask with you for a hot drink. If the rain is torrential then we can always rearrange for another time.

How many sessions will I need ?
This depends on you – every person is different. Some people come to see their therapists over many years whilst others see them only for a few times.

Is the information that I provide confidential ?
Counselling offers the highest possible levels of confidentiality for clients within in the bounds of the law and ethical practice as set out by the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.). If I feel someone is in severe danger, physical, mental or emotional it may be legal or ethical for confidentiality to be broken. If the situation ever does arise then I would first discuss it as much with you as possible and try to find a mutually agreeable place to take the information such as your GP, social worker or the police.
It is a legal requirement for me to break confidentiality and inform relevant authorities if I become aware of international terrorist activities or money laundering from drug trafficking.
As a member of the BACP it is an ethical requirement that I attended regular supervision sessions with a qualified supervisor to ensure I am working ethically and safely. During this time I may discuss the work I am doing with you to ensure I am working to my best ability for you. I will only refer to you by your first name but if you would prefer that I use a pseudonym please inform me. On request I am happy to share the name of my supervisor.