Dealing with Sudden, Unexpected, Traffic-related Traumas

Recently in the media a number of traffic accidents have been highlighted, and the pain and suffering for those involved.  Road traffic collisions happen suddenly, out of the blue, harming potentially large groups of people.  Where collisions are serious, there can be deep-rooted trauma for all individuals involved, whether they were driving at the time, a passenger, someone hit by a car or other vehicle, or a witness/bystander.

Once some time has passed by, if you continue to experience any or a combination of the following: numbness, flashbacks, intrusive memories and thoughts, panic attacks, high anxiety, trembling, guilt or shame   then it might be worth seeking out therapeutic support.

In my work, I try to help clients to explore what happened and the impact of what happened upon them, their families, colleagues and other people.  I try to support a person in any feelings of low self-eseteem, guilt, shame, fear, anger that they might be experiencing, in order to help them process these overwhelming emotions.  I also try to support clients to re-frame, or provide a new perspective upon, what happened, a perspective that comes from inner wisdom and compassion rather than self-blame.  This is so important in order for clients to be able to move forward with their lives.

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