Counselling in Rutland

I feel privileged to be based in Rutland, close to Oakham and Uppingham.  I enjoy getting to know clients and helping them to explore the challenges they are facing, or have faced, in their lives.  I have learnt from my clients that it is never too late to change, to focus on areas in your life that you would like to develop.  Although change may seem daunting and even frightening, everything is done at the client’s own and unique pace, when they feel ready.  I have exercises that I suggest to clients, and they are completely free to try this out or not – no pressure.  These exercises include helping you to explore what is happening for you currently, what has happened in the past, alongside mindfulness, relaxation, distraction techniques, also techniques that can help you release emotions like frustration, anger or sadness.  Loss and bereavement can be big things in our lives and counselling can really help because friends and family, whilst being there for us, may not simply have the time to listen in depth to what we are experiencing.  Counselling in Rutland is something that I enjoy and feel is my vocation, and I have seen the positive impacts that counselling can have.

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